Playing with the new Bosebuild Speaker Cube kit

So, not a math project but a fun one anyway! Lee Zamir, an old college friend, has just released Bosebuild – a kit for kids to use to learn about speakers.

Here’s a link to the Bosebuild page for more information:

The BOSEbuild website

We tried out the kit today. The videos below show the boys working through the project. They worked entirely on their own, though with me in the room. They were totally (and I mean 100%) engaged for the entire hour of this project.

(1) Unboxing


(2) Beginning of the build

(3) Initial sound


(4) Paper speaker:

(5) Speaker box (plus bonus cat)

(6) The finished product and summary:

So, the boys loved the project. They learned a little bit about speakers and ended up with a speaker that they can use after the project was finished. I was super impressed with the engagement level all the way through. They loved it 🙂

3 thoughts on “Playing with the new Bosebuild Speaker Cube kit

      1. I like the concept. Really shows the physics behind speaker technology. My husband’s comment was ‘you only get to program the color? ‘

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