Making one of Annie Perkins’s drawings from Zometool

I saw a neat tweet from Annie Perkins last night:

It seemed like a great Zometool project, so this morning we cleared all the furniture out of the living room and gave it a go. My older son had something else going on today, so there were only two of us working on this project.

Here’s what my younger son thought of Perkins’s drawing:

Here are his thoughts after he completed the shape that he guessed would be the main building block for the project:

Here are his thoughts after we were just over half way done:

Finally, here’s are his thoughts on the completed project:

It is always fun to hear what kids have to say about shapes – and this project was a nice way to hear how my son’s thoughts about a fairly complicated shape evolved as we built the shape.

We’ve done a few other project like this one – this two old projects inspired by Kate Nowak and Anna Weltman comes to mind:

Talking about Kate Nowak’s shape

Anna Weltman’s loop-de-loops part 2

Using our Zometool set to replicate mathematical drawings has been a great – and totally unexpected – way to explore math ideas.