Math Interviews I want to remember

Making a list that I’ll update from time to time so that I don’t lose track of these interviews. Happy to take more suggestions!

(1) Julie Rehmeyer on Wild about Math:

Julie Rehmeyer’s “Inspired by Math” interview

What’s always stuck with me from this interview is the story that begins around 31:30 and in particular the part beginning around 34:40 about proving that 0 + 0 = 0. It is a beautiful lesson about learning math.

(2) Nalini Joshi on the Australian TV show “The Weekly”

This is a stunning interview.

(3) Ken Ribet interviewd by Numberphile

Anyone wondering what research math is like – and especially anyone looking to go to graduate school in math so watch this video:

(4) The story about Paul Erdos on Relatively Prime

Moving in a different way that the Nalini Joshi interview, but I was captivated for the entire hour of this interview. Ron Graham’s stories are just incredible:

Relatively Prime’s story about Paul Erdos


(5) Ed Frenkel interviewed by Numberphile

(6)  Steven Strogatz interviewed by Kara Miller

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