Why I like the Art of Problem Solving books

I’m working through two of Art of Problem Solving’s math books with the kids this year.  My older son is studying  “Introduction to Geometry” and my younger son is studying their “Introduction to Number Theory” book.   You can buy those books here:



I’ve never taught any elementary math before, but the approach that Richard Rusczyk and his team take to explaining the subjects really resonates with me.  It was actually their Prealgebra book that got me hooked on their approach, and it sure seems the more of their books I work through the more I love what they do.    Though the approach is great, the icing on the cake is the collection of problems.  Just an absolutely outstanding set of problems ranging from introductory to Olympiad level problems to challenge all types of kids looking to learn from their books.

We ran across a really nice challenge problem in the chapter about congruence today that made lots great math conversation.  Both the problem itself and the more advanced theorem from “Geometry Revisited” that it hinted at were super fun to talk through with my son.   Here’s us doing a quick review of the problem itself tonight:

and then here are a couple of theorems on Napoleon triangles from “Geometry Revisited” that the problem practically begs you to talk about  🙂

The Art of Problem Solving problems are so great to begin with and it is sort of doubly fun to be able to use them as stepping stones to show some more advanced geometry.   Next up for us is the section on perimeter and area.  Can’t wait.