Mixing Problems

One more trip up to Boston today for the last Brute Squad practice weekend before nationals.   Follow along next weekend and maybe watch some great ultimate frisbee on ESPN:


Before heading out the door we went through a quick Family Math project about mixing.  I illustrated the problem using a glass of red liquid and a glass of green liquid.  The problem is this:

(1) Take an amount of liquid from the red glass and put it in the green glass.

(2) Now take the same amount of liquid from the green / red mixture and put it back in the red glass.

(3) The question is – does the green glass have more red in it or does the red glass have more green in it?

It is a pretty cool problem for kids to talk through:

After talking about the problem with liquid, we now try a hopefully easier version of the problem using snap cubes.   One of the lessons I’m hoping for here is learning to find versions of a complicated problem that are a bit easier:

So, a fun problem for kids that we can do with food coloring and with blocks.   Hopefully these two different approaches hope clarify what is a somewhat non-intuitive result.