MoMath’s “Beautiful Math” collection, and some “beautiful math” for kids

The museum of math has put together a nice (and growing!) collection of videos of mathematicians talking about beautiful math: Watching the videos it struck me that they were aimed at adults and older kids, but I thought it would be easy to show some beautiful math that younger kids could appreciate, too. I thought … Continue reading MoMath’s “Beautiful Math” collection, and some “beautiful math” for kids

Tracy Johnston Zager’s Shadowcon Talk

I watched Tracy Johnston Zager’s talk from Shadowcon today and it gave me tons to think about. The talk is here: Tracy Johnston Zager’s Shadowcon Talk One very interesting part of the talk was a collection of negative ideas that elementary school teachers shared about math. Those words are on the screen around 5:35 into … Continue reading Tracy Johnston Zager’s Shadowcon Talk