Having the kids talk about some corona virus data presentations

100+ days into the pandemic and I’ve found several sites producing data and data presentations that are helping me track the spread of the corona virus. There is also, obviously, lots of bad information. For our math project today I wanted to share a few visualizations with the boys to (hopefully) help them understand the pandemic better – especially in the US.

We started by looking at Apple’s mobility tracking site:


This site is terrific for seeing how people from all over the world have changed their travel behavior. Here’s what the boys had to say:

Next we looked at the site: https://covidtracking.com/

I learned about this site relatively recently. It does a great job collecting and presenting data in the US. Here’s what the boys thought of the various presentations:

During the conversation in the last video my younger son said that he was surprised to learn that deaths in the US from the corona virus had been declining until recently. To help him understand why that was happening we looked at the data presentation on the FT’s website:


Finally, we looked at two presentations that I made this morning playing around with the data mapping tools in Mathematica. I’m still very much a novice when it comes to making these presentations, but I still thought it would be interesting to hear how the boys interpreted these presentations: