Sharing a Catriona Shearer geometry puzzle with my younger son – part 15

My son is really enjoying working on Catriona Shearer’s geometry puzzles, so after a few days off we continued with the project this afternoon. Here’s the puzzle he looked at today:

My son came up with a pretty clever solution – he explains that solution here:

After he solved the problem I had him look at the problem’s twitter thread and find a solution he liked. He chose the solution from Brenda Meshejian. This is the second time we’ve looked at one of Meshejian’s soluitons (and hopefully I’ve pronounced her name correctly this time!).

Here’s Meshejian’s solution on twitter:

Here’s my son’s explanation of this solution:

I started this set of projects because I think the combination of thinking through Shearer’s problems and then explaining a solution from the twitter thread is a great way for kids to learn about geometry. So far this idea has been a really fun way for my son to explore some fun math during the lock down.

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