Sharing Catriona Shearer’s geometry puzzles with my younger son – part 11

Catriona Shearer shared a great puzzle this morning.

This one is a bit more difficult than others I’ve shared with my son lately, but he wanted to give it a try. He wasn’t able to solve it, but we talked about the progress me had and the ideas he had:

Next we looked at a geometric solution given by Phillip Gibbs as well as comment to Gibbs’s tweet from Dr. Rick. These tweets showed a really clever geometric solution to the problem.

Here’s what my son had to say about these solutions:

Finally, I showed my son how to see that the triangles in the picture were, indeed, 30-60-90 triangles. This is a little bit of algebra, but I thought it would be important for him to see why those triangles were there.

I really love this problem and was happy that the thread had some great geometric solutions. Even though my son wasn’t able to get this one solved all the way, I think he learned a lot working through it.