Using Catriona Shearer’s geometry puzzles with my younger son day 2

I’m going to spend a few – and hopefully many – days reviewing geometry with my younger son with the help of Catriona Shearer’s amazing geometry puzzles. You can follow along with our progress by using the Catriona Shearer tag in the blog or just searching for her name.

Today’s puzzle was from December:

My son was able to solve this puzzle and his solution is in the video below. I’m always really happy to see how careful he is with the details as he works through problems – this trait did not come from me!

After he solved the problem we went to the twitter thread to find a solution (hopefully different from his) that he thought was interesting. As with our first project from last night, he chose the solution from Nèstor Abad:

Here’s his presentation of Abad’s solution. Again, I’m happy that he was make to make (and understand) the details of the arguments with similarity and congruence:

I’m really happy with how this project went today – looking forward to another one tomorrow!

Using Catriona Shearer’s puzzles with my younger son

Catriona Shearer has been publishing amazing geometry puzzles for years now. We’ve used a few of them for projects in the past, but I thought that using the puzzles and some of the clever solutions presented in the twitter threads would make for a nice geometry review for my younger son. Although these puzzles can be pretty challenging for kids, I’m hoping that the combination of thinking about them and seeing clever solutions will make for a great series of math activities.

We started with the puzzle from Feb 29th:

This puzzle gave him some trouble, so instead of presenting a solution I asked him to talk about it and some of the ideas he tried:

Next I asked him to find a solution in the twitter thread for the problem that he liked and thought he could explain. He picked the solution from Nèstor Abad:

Here he explains that solution:

Catriona’s puzzles are so great. I’m definitely interested to try out a few more of these puzzles with my son and see how the combination of trying to solve them on his own plus explaining a neat solution goes.