Sharing Zeno Rogue’s amazing non-Euclidean geometry tweet with kids

Yesterday I saw an amazing twitter thread from Zeno Rogue which shows a bunch of non-Euclidean geometres:

Today I thought it would be fun to have the kids go through this thread and see what their thoughts were on each of them. My younger son (in 8th grade) went first. Here are his thoughts on the first 5:

Now the next 5 and then further discussion of his favorite one:

Now my older son (in 10th grade) reacted. Here’s the first 5:

Here’s the final 5 plus some extra discussion on his favorite one:

It is so fun to share advanced ideas in my with kids. I love the way that Zeno Rogue presented all of these non-Euclidean geometries – it gives kids a great opportunity to see and react to some ideas that they’ve probably never even gotten near before!