Sharing the tiles from Cherry Arbor Design with kids

Last week I was really lucky to be able to visit ICERM in Providence and saw some amazing mathematical tiles made by Cherry Arbor Design. Their website is here:

When I got home from that trip I ordered 3 sets of tiles. They arrived today!

Tonight I asked the boys to play around with a set and see what they could make. My younger son chose the Twin Dragon Tiles and played with them for 45 min! Unluckily I had a call that came in at roughly the 2 minute mark of the video below, but we resumed after that call. You can see from the video that he really enjoyed creating all kinds of different shapes:

My older son chose to play around with the Penrose Tiles. These tiles are completely stunning. Here’s his creation and what he had to say about the tiles:

The mathematical tiles and puzzles from Cherry Arbor Design are absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for something fun and math-y to get for someone for a present, definitely check out their selections!