Playing Mapmaker -> the Gerrymandering Game

Saw a great tweet from Jordan Ellenberg over the weekend:

Though it would be fun to try . . . and the game arrived today!

Tonight I had the chance to play with my younger son – he didn’t know what gerrymandering was, but we talked a little bit about the idea as we opened the box:

Here’s a quick peek at the game set up:

Finally – here’s what the game looked like at the end and then a short discussion of some of the mathematical ideas for kids that come through in the game. What ideas can help you win? What can you do to cause your opponent some problems?

I really like this game a lot. It is easy to play right out of the box – the directions probably took under 5 min to read and understand. The game is a great way to teach important ideas about gerrymandering and also has great math ideas in it for kids. I highly recommend it – thanks to Jordan Ellenberg for the recommendation.

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