Using the Pringles Super Bowl commercial for a fun counting project for kids.

During the Super Bowl Pringles ran a commercial that caught the attention of math twitter:

The twitter team from Pringles was even helpful in clarifying what they meant in the commercial:

I thought that showing the kids where the 318,000 number came from would make a fun math project and I also thought it would be fun to see whether or not you could actually taste the difference when stacks of the same chips were arranged differently.

We started with the counting problem:

Now that we knew there were two different ways to count the stacks, we had to figure out which one was right. Could you tell the difference if the same chips were stacked in a different order?

We started with the simple case using a stack of two chips:

Next we went all in and tried to identify a stack of 4 chips. Amazingly, my younger son was able to identify the correct order of the chips!

Definitely a fun counting project (our dog also gave this project an A+). AND after you finish this project you can try another fun math-related Pringles project -> making the Pringle Ringle!