Using Joel David Hamkins’s perspective drawing posts with kids

I learned of a neat post on perspective drawing from Joel David Hamkins from this Patrick Honner tweet last week:

In the course of discussing the post, Hamkins shared a follow up post which is what we used for the project today:

I started the project today by having the boys take a look at Hamkins’s post (the second one) and making sure that they understood the ideas / directions:

Here’s the drawing my older son made. I’d guess this took about 15 to 20 minutes to make:

Here’s my younger son’s work. He probably took an extra 15 minutes and was working very carefully. I was really impressed at the detail in his drawing.

Both of Hamkins’s posts are great to use with kids. I think the second one is a little easier, but either way, the posts make for a terrific Sunday morning project.