Having kids play with Holly Krieger’s Dollar Game

Yesterday I saw a fun video from Holly Krieger and Numberphile about a “new to me” game called the Dollar Game. It looked like a great game to play and discuss with the boys this morning, so I had them explore the game a bit before watching the video.

Here’s how I introduced the game and a some game play in a relatively simple situation.

After that short introduction to make sure they understood the rules of the game, I asked them for some ideas about the game – situations when you might win, or lose, or really anything that they could say.

Next up was having them watch the Numberphile video.

One bit of good luck we had here was that my older son used an example that was similar to one in the Numberphile video. That little coincidence hopefully helped them get a little more out of the Numberphile video than they might have gotten otherwise.

We wrapped up by talking about a few things that they learned from the video. It was nice to be able to work through a more complicated example during this last part.

My younger son makes a mistake in the definition of the genus of a graph. I corrected him after a bit – don’t worry – but let it go for a while because the mistake didn’t matter for the graph he was talking about at the time.


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