Trying out Patrick Honner’s self referential tests

Saw a fun tweet from Patrick Honner yeterday:

It was the week of the state tests up here, so my kids had already spent quite a bit of time taking multiple choice tests this week. But one more test couldn’t hurt, right!

Here’s the introduction to the test – I love my younger son’s reaction and his enthusiasm!

After the introduction the boys sat down to take the test. Here’s what my younger son thought. It took him approximately 10 min to complete it – it is really fun to hear how he worked through it.

Here’s what my older son thought. He finished very quikcly – maybe in around 2 min. Luckily there was also a 10 question test linked in Patrick’s blog post, so I had him take that test, too:

Definitely a fun start to the weekend and a neat way for kids to get a peek at self referential ideas. Once you open that door, you can find some really amazing (and really strange!) mathematical ideas.