Geometric tilings inspired by Annie Perkins

Annie Perkins has been sharing some amazing math art on Twitter. Probably as good of an example as any is the work she shared while I was writing up this blog post!

If you go back through her feed you’ll find amazing pic after amazing pic after amazing pic.

I’d been wondering how to share some of these ideas with the boys. We recreated one of the drawings using our Zometool set a few weeks ago:

Making one of Annie Perkins’s drawing from Zometool

After that I saw this tweet and ordered a set of tiles:

As a point of full disclosure, the tiles arrived in a box from the “Post of Iran”. I do not know what the status of sanctions and trade between the US and Iran is right now, so I don’t know if I accidentally tripped over a rule that I shouldn’t have tripped over by ordering these tiles. Hopefully these plastic geometric tiles are not somehow banned in the US right now, but in any case they did arrive.

Today I had the boys make some shapes. The first one we made was from the company’s website:

Next I had the boys create their own shapes. Here is what my older son made and what he had to say about the shape:

Here’s what my younger son made:

My younger son seemed to especially enjoy this project and creating his own pattern. Hopefully there will be more patterns to come!