Sharing David Wees’s system of equations problem

Saw a neat tweet from David Wees today. We are running around a bit tonight, but I had enough time to have the boys take a quick look before running out the door.

Here’s the problem:

Here’s my younger son talking through the problem:

and here’s what my older son had to say:

I saw in a later tweet that Wees intended to use this problem with younger kids (2nd and 3rd graders), but I’m still happy that the boys were able to talk through the problem and explain their reasoning.

A fun folding exercise for kids from Paula Beardell Krieg

Our friend Paula posted a video showing how to fold a small square out of paper. I thought it would be fun to ask my younger son to fold a small square before watching Paula’s video to see how he’d do it. Here’s what he did:

Next I asked him to watch Paula’s video:

Now I asked him to recreate Paula’s technique and talk through why it worked: