A quick hexaflexagon project thanks to Jim Propp

My younger son had been interested in hexaflexagons lately. He saw them Martin Gardner’s “The Collossal Book of Mathematics” first and then I bought him a few books thanks to a suggestion from Annie Perkins:

Then, by lucky coincidence, Jim Propp made this fun video:

After watching that video with my son this morning, he took Propp’s suggestion and cut the corners off of one of his hexaflexagons. Here’s what he had to say:

Even tonight I’m not sure what he was getting at when he was talking about the hexagons moving when the shape was flexed. I might revisit that with him another time, but it was fun to hear him talking about what was going on with this new shape.

I’m happy that he’s been having fun with these shapes. Just when I thought there wasn’t any more he could do with them, Propp’s video opened up a