Building Paula Beardell Krieg’s cube

Yesterday we studied how to build the pieces of Paula Beardell Krieg’s dissected cube:


3d printing Paula Beardell Krieg’s dissected cube shapes

Today the shapes were done printing and I had the kids talk about them one more time:

After that short conversation I had each kid tweak the code that we used to make the shapes to make a new shape. Here’s what my younger son made:

Here’s what my older son made:

Definitely a fun couple of days with these shapes. Will probably revisit them again in a few months.

One thought on “Building Paula Beardell Krieg’s cube

  1. Uh oh.
    I have a different explanation about why your shapes turned out a bit smaller than mine.

    When I made the cube that the pink and yellow pieces fit into, I started with a 5 and 5/8″ square, as that was the measurement I remembered from having made a set for myself. But the cube turned out too small.

    I remade the cube, just a bit bigger. It was still too small. I was confused, but it didn’t occur to me to question my memory about the measurement.

    I remade the cube again, just a bit bigger still. It was still a bit too small, as evidenced by the fact that the cube doesn’t close all the way when the pieces are inside, but I felt done with making little squares cubes for the day, so that’s what you got. What could go wrong?

    Later I realized that I should have started with a square that was 5 and 7/8″

    From what I inferred (from the last video of your previous post) you used the measurement of the cube, not the pieces, to make your shapes. Which means that they probably fit perfectly inside of the paper box, but, yes, are a bit smaller than the pink and yellows.

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