Sharing Kendra Lockman’s Desmos activity with my son

I saw this tweet from Kendra Lockman yesterday:

It looked like a fun activity to try, so we spent 20 minutes this morning going through it. It was nice to year what my son son thinking about fractions throughout the activity. The first 4 videos below show his work and the last is some quick thoughts from him on the morning:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Here’s his summary of the activity:


One thought on “Sharing Kendra Lockman’s Desmos activity with my son

  1. I just saw this by googling my name (because I wondered if my students are likely to find my twitter account or blog). Super cool to see the thought process of someone going through it for the first time.

    I think your son is more resilient than some of my students to things not working as expected in Desmos, so I was able to see some of the things that created frustrations for them. Thanks so much for this!

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