Playing with some mathy art ideas this morning

Yesterday my older son spent the afternoon at a friend’s house. When I went to pick him up I learned that his friend’s mom is an amazing artist:

Among the dozens (maybe 100’s) of pieces of work around the studio were some patterns on pieces of cloth. I asked how they were made and she told me that it was a simple process involving sharpies and alcohol. I knew instantly what we’d be doing for our math project this morning 🙂

Here’s a quick introduction to the project:

Now, with the camera off, I had the boys make their own patterns. Here’s my younger son’s description of what he made and what he thought he’d see when we added the alcohol:

Next up was my older son. He’d also experimented with a few different patterns and a few different markers.

This was a really fun project. I think this project would be fun for a wide variety of of kids – from elementary school kids (with supervision) up through high school. It is neat to hear the kids describe the shapes and, of course, the shapes and patterns themselves are really cool!