Kelsey Houston-Edwards’s hypercube video is incredible

The latest video that Kelsey Houston-Edwards released is one of the best math videos that I’ve ever seen:

This morning I used the video for a project with the boys. We watched (roughly) the first 11 minutes. I stopped the video before the Houston-Edwards revealed shapes associated with the 4D cube.

Here’s what the boys thought of the video:

Next we talked about how the rule for Pascal’s triangle related to the shapes in the video. This procedure is really fun to talk through with kids.

At the end of this part of the project we talked about the possible shapes that we would encounter in the 4th dimensional version of the problem.

Now that we had some of the basics sorted out for the 4th dimensional case, we tried to figure out the shapes. I won’t give away the answers in the text, but we were able to get the first one, but the 2nd one was pretty hard to see – the closest we got was that “it is sort of a twisting shape” 🙂

To wrap up we watched the remainder of Houston-Edwards’s video. The boys were surprised to learn what that final shape was.

At the end I reminded them of a prior project that was sort of similar – studying the so-called Prince Rupert Cube. Unfortunately the cube broke while I was reminding them about that project. Oh well . . . .

At this point I’m expecting Kelsey Houston-Edwards’s videos to be incredible, but she exceeds my expectations every time! Her videos are so much fun to share with kids – I can’t wait for the next one!

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