When we were egged on by Katie Steckles

Saw this fun video from Katie Steckles yesterday:

We’ve used several ideas from Steckles for our projects. Her fold and cut video, in particular, led to several really fun projects that are collected in this blog post:

Our Math year in review part 2: Fold and Cut

The demonstration in her egg video seemed like a eggcellent  pre-Easter / pre-vacation project, so I had the kids watch and then we grabbed a pair of compasses and went to work.

My older son has a bit more experience with geometric constrictions, so I had him go first:

It turns out that this project is the first ever project related to geometry constructions for my younger son. It was definitely fun to see him doing all the work and also probably pretty lucky that he got to see how to draw the egg twice before making his attempt:

This was a really fun project.  I think this is an especially fun project for kids using a rule and compass pair of compasses for the first time!