A fun present from Paula Beardell Krieg

I met our friend Paula Beardell Krieg today while she was visiting Boston. She gave me an amazing shape that she’d made with paper. The shape builds on a few other shapes that we’ve studied in some recent projects:


So, tonight I showed the boys the shape and just let them play with it. Honestly, it is incredible to me that this shape is made out of folded paper – you can just sit and play with it forever!

My younger son played with the new shape first:

and here’s what my older son had to say:

For the last part of the project I wanted to show the boys a shape that Paula showed me earlier today. The trouble was that I’d not been able to make it again! I was actually hoping that one of the boys would make it accidentally . . . . but no.

Luckily I was able to make it fairly quickly after my older son finished playing. So, here’s the surprise shape:

Another wonderful project inspired by Paula – we are very lucky to have met so many great math folks on twitter!