Suzanne von Oy’s amazing Desmos activity

Saw an amazing tweet last night after publishing yesterday’s project:

Just to be double sure that the link to the Desmos program works through the WordPress tweet embedding, here’s the direct link:

Suzanne von Oy’s amazing Desmos activity!

This Desmos activity looks at the problem posed yesterday by David Butler:

Our project on Butler’s problem is here:

A Neat Geometry Problem I saw from David Butler

I’m traveling for work today, but luckily we all get up pretty early so I had a chance to have the boys play with von Oy’s activity prior to leaving.

One great advantage of this activity over our approach yesterday with Mathematica is that the kids can identify the maximum perimeter. Both boys did a nice job of getting to that point. In our project yesterday we only looked at a graph and an equation – here you had the whole square.

It was also fun to talk with both kids about the symmetry in the problem. The geometric symmetry wasn’t obvious in our approach yesterday.

Anyway . . .

Here’s what my older son thought while using von Oy’s program:

and here’s what my younger son thought:

There are so many great math problems and activities that get shared on twitter. Every day brings such an incredible surprise!


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