Playing with an amazing present from Paula Beardell Krieg

We occasionally get interesting packages in the mail from Paula Beardell Krieg. For example:

Paula Beardell Krieg’s Intersecting Squares


Paula Beardell Krieg’s Puff Boxes

Paula Beardell Krieg’s Puff Boxes Day 2

Today we got a new one!

I opened the top of the box before we got started, but only the top. I figured opening the actual box wouldn’t be that interesting on camera, but what was inside . . . .

There was a 2nd smaller box that we’d originally moved off to the side – what was in that??

Very fun! You definitely have to follow Paula on twitter to see where all of these amazing shapes come from!

One thought on “Playing with an amazing present from Paula Beardell Krieg

  1. Woo Hoo! It was so much fun to watch your boys examine their gift, you can’t imagine how much I enjoyed it. It was interesting to see how, at first, they “organized” the shapes by color and worked separately with their own colors. Seeing your older son trying to align the yellows to each other, at first not being quite sure why they didn’t match up with other when, well, it looked like they should fit together better, and even when he made a shape, there didn’t seem to be a way to include the third one. In the meantime I was intrigued by how your younger son was exploring quietly then, when he saw that one of the yellow shapes was just hanging by itself he checked it out. Watching the boys, it was delightful to see them working separately then to come together. Your older son approached the shapes analytically, while your younger son seemed to let his intuition guide him. Both skills moved the discovery forward. It was your younger son’s leap to include both colors that vaporized the biggest barrier, then once this happen, OMG, I loved hearing your older son recognize that the different colored shapes were reflections of other (I hadn’t used that word in my own mind, but of course!) and then to see that it was “our square pyramid.” I wondered if you knew that alternating the colors was the key to making the cube, and admired that you didn’t give anything away… even though you were about to nudge with your comment “if only you had something-“ but before the words were even out of your mouth your son’s radar picked up the existence of the box…..and off they both went to fitting all the pieces together in one neat little package. So delightful to watch…I haven’t watched the second post that I see you’ve just posted about this shape…looking forward to watching them discover more math in this shape. If you think they’d like to see what led me to working out this particular shape, it was looking at a video over and over again, wanting to decipher the geometry that was used to achieve such surprising transformations. Here’s the link: (the video shows it has 195 views. Maybe 60 of them are from me…. ) Great to be part of your sandbox.

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