Sharing “The Secret Life of Equations” with the boys

I saw Rich Cochrane’s The Secret Life of Equations at the book store yesterday and bought it for some fun with the boys. Here’s the book on Amazon:

I’ve done a few other projects previously in which the boys pick out ideas from a book. Here’s what they had to say flipping through this one.

My younger son like the chapter on the equation $latex e^{\pi i} + 1 = 0:

By lucky coincidence Grant Sanderson has a neat new video on the subject – maybe that’ll be interesting to my son, too:

The idea that caught my older son’s attention was the heat equation. We haven’t quite gotten to calculus yet (ha ha ), but it was still fun to hear what he had to say:

I like the book even though it really isn’t intended for kids. We’ll probably do several more projects like this one over the next few months.


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