Introduction to vectors via 3d printing

We’ve been using the F3 program to print various different mathematical 3d prints. As my older son explores the program more deeply, it is becoming a really fun way to teach him about vectors.

Last night I had him describe his first 3d print and how he made it. The concepts remain new to him and he has not understood all of the concepts correctly, but I hope talking through the ideas will help him learn:

After the discussion about the shape we went upstairs to look more carefully at the code this gave him an opportunity to talk a bit more about vectors. It also gave me an opportunity to see a bit more about what he understood:

I’m excited to use 3d printing and the F3 program to help him learn about vectors. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to the “signed vector field” idea that the F3 program uses (not to mention that I’m also an absolute beginner when it comes to programming), but I’m really excited about the learning opportunities here.