Sharing Laura DeMarco’s and Kathryn Lindsey’s 3d folded fractals

Several weeks ago Quanta magazine published an article about incredible new work being done by Laura DeMarco and Kathryn Lindsey:

3-D Fractals Offer Clues to Complex Systems

Along with the article was a fun little paper folding contest that was won by Yoshiaki Araki. Here’s the starting fractal made using Mathematica:


I was so excited to see Araki’s tweet and printed the shape that night!

The first thing I did was have the kids play with it and describe what they saw:

As a follow up to that initial exploration, I had each of the boys try the folding project from Quanta Magazine’s contest. It is a pretty challenging project for kids, but here’s how it came out. My older son first:

Next my younger son:

I’m really interested in learning more about these folded fractals. I would especially love to understand the basics of how the shapes fold up. Can’t wait to play with the ideas her more.

Paula Beardell Krieg’s intersecting squares

Saw a fun sequence of tweets from Paula Berdell Krieg last week:

Then . . . we received an envelope!

Next we compared the shape to the 3d prints it was based on:

After this I showed the boys the tweet above that shows how to unfold the shape into a cube and they were able to recreate the procedure:

Definitely a fun shape to explore – thanks to Paula for sending it to us! It really is amazing how much geometry you can explore just by folding paper 🙂