More projects from Henry Segerman’s math and 3d printing book

We are continuing to explore the different ways for kids to see math with 3d printing. Henry Segerman’s new book has been an incredible resource for us in this long-term project:


Yesterday I asked the kids to pick more shapes from his book to print. My older son picked “Topology Joke” and my younger son picked a shape that we’d already printed, but unfortunately the prior pick didn’t survive an unexpected encounter with a book 🙂 Here are the shapes and what the kids see in those shapes.

“Topology Joke”

My favorite quote – “A torus somehow equals a coffee cup”

Here’s my younger son looking at the trefoil knot on a torus. The interesting thing to me about his discussion of the shape is that he thought the torus was just as interesting as the knot:

At this point we have close to 50 3d printing projects for kids on the blog. Henry Segerman’s work and Laura Taalman’s work have been incredible inspirational for me. I can’t wait to explore more with how 3d printing can help kids see math in a way that was far more difficult to see previously.


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