Sharing Kelsey Houston-Edwards’s Markov Chain video with kids

The latest video from Kelsey Houston-Edwards is incredible:

I love the problem she’s presenting – it seems completely impossible to someone hearing it for the first time, but after her video kids can solve similar problems immediately!

We started the project today right after we watched the video. The first thing I did was ask the kids about what they just saw:

Next we tried to solve the rook problem that Houston-Edwards posed at the end of the video. The kids were able to solve it pretty quickly 🙂

To wrap up, we took a crack at solving the same problem with a bishop. This took a little longer, but was a great lesson. Hopefully this slightly more challenging problem allowed some of the ideas from Houston-Edwards’s video sink in:

I’ve been loving this new series of math video since it started, but this one was extra impressive for me. It is really cool to see someone explain such a challenging problem in essentially a public lecture setting. Can’t wait to see where this series goes in 2017!