Using 3d printing to talk math with kids

We’ve had a blast playing with the F3 program since learning about it a few days ago. The learning curve is pretty steep – at least for me – but holy cow is this program an amazing resource for 3d printing. Here’s a link to our initial project with F3:

Sharing the amazing F3 program with kids”

Last night both kids and I made some shapes using different aspects of the program. My youngest son (5th grade) made a shape from one of the built in examples. My older son (7th grade) made a shape by modifying one of the examples. Finally, after seeing some of the code in the example that my son used, I was able to build a shape from scratch.

Here’s the discussion of those shapes:

(1) my younger son

(2) my older son

(3) my shape

I’ve become an instant fan of the F3 program and am super excited to keep using to do 3d printing projects with the boys.