A short project inspired by a Holly Krieger tweet

Saw this tweet from Holly Krieger this morning:

and, oh bother, the embedded tweet isn’t coming through. Here it is:

I thought it would be fun to talk about some sort of similar shape and stumbled on this neat design by eduardoviruena on Thingiverse:

eduardoviruena’s “Sierpinski cubes” on Thingiverse


I sent the print to the printer as I was running out the door. Unfortunately in my haste I made the print much smaller than I intended. Oh well . . . we still got to have a fun conversation.

Here’s what he had to say about the eduardoviruena’s “Sierpinski cubes” – I was really interested in his description of how to make this shape:

Because the print was so small I wanted to see if he had any other thoughts when he saw a larger version on the screen:

I’m really excited to do more 3d printing projects like this one – hopefully giving kids shapes like this to play with will help them see a fun and exciting side of math 🙂


2 thoughts on “A short project inspired by a Holly Krieger tweet

  1. mmmh… it was a long time ago. It was part of my “recursive polyhedra” (or, as a good friend of mine called them: fractalhedra”.

    The Sierpinski cube of order 1 is just a cube.
    The Sierpinski cube of order n+1 is a big cube and three Sierpinski cubes of order n, one on the top of the cube, another to the right and the last one to the left…

    I think that there is a description of the Sierpinki cube in my site

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