Talking about Henry Segerman’s 5-cell with my 5th grader

Last night we printed a shape from Henry Segerman’s new 3d printing book Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing:. We’ve done many project based on Segerman’s work and even were lucky enough to be able to attend his talk at MIT earlier this fall:


The shape we printed last night is Henry’s 3d representation of the 5-cell – a 4 dimensional “platonic solid” ( You can read more about the shape here: The Wikipedia page for the 5-cell)

If you search “Segerman” in the blog you’ll find more than 10 projects we’ve done based on his work!

I started off the project today by asking my younger son for some thoughts on the 5-cell:

One interesting thing that he remembered is that he’d seen the shape previously in some of our bubble projects, so we brought out the bubble solution to make the shape out of bubbles. It was really interesting to hear how he viewed the two shapes differently.

Sorry for the absolutely awful camera work in this video – you’d think I’d have gotten the hang of this after 4,000 videos . . . . .

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