Weapons of Math Destruction study group

I thought it would be fun to start group to study Cathy O’Neil’s new book Weapons of Math Destruction.  When I asked some friends on Facebook yesterday if they’d be interested, there was a pretty positive response . . . . so here we go!

The idea of the group is pretty simple – let’s talk about the ideas that O’Neil presents in the book because they are incredibly important.  The discussion is *not* intended to be math heavy, but rather intended to help non-math people understand some of the critical issues in the big data world. If you are, like O’Neil, great at explaining math ideas in non-mathy ways you’d probably be a nice asset to have in the group!

I’ll keep the group open and public for now. As with the ultimate frisbee film study group I’ve got going on, though, any disrespectful comments will get you banned from the group immediately.

Here’s the FB group – I just set it up 5 min ago so sorry it isn’t fancy and pretty:

The Weapons of Math Desctruction study group on Facebook

To give people time to get the book and also deal with the holidays we’ll get the discussion going the Sunday night after Thanksgiving. The pace will be leisurely – probably be on the order of one chapter per week. Hopefully a lively and good discussion, but not more than one hour of your time in total each week.

Anyway, if you are interested in participating, please feel free to join.