Playing with Bathsheba Grossman’s “Hypercube B”

Last week we went to Henry Segerman’s talk at MIT:


During that talk one of the 3d-printed objects he passed around “Hypercube B” by Bathsheba Grossman. I was excited to have the boys play around with this shape a bit more so we ordered a copy from Shapeways:

Hypercube B by Bathsheba Grossman on Shapeways

It turns out that Grossman is also the creator of “Double Zarf” which we ordered previously and my older son discussed here:

Exploring some shapes from Henry Segerman’s new book

Hypercube B arrived in the mail today and I was really interested to hear what the boys had to say about the shape. My older son gets home from school first, so he was the first one to play with it:

My older son recognized the shape from the talk (which was fun). My younger son didn’t right away, but he came to believe that it was a hypercube because of some of the projections that it made (when viewed in the camera lens!). I loved hearing what he had to say about the shape!

In the next couple of days we’ll also play around and see what sorts of (2d) shadows this shape makes. Can’t wait to do that!


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