Playing with Shadows – inspired by Henry Segerman

Last night the whole family attended Henry Segerman’s talk at MIT:


Here’s Henry in action:

He’s already inspired a ton of projects, for example:

Playing with more of Henry Segerman’s 3d Prints

Henry Segerman’s flat torus

And this joint work with Vi Hart, Andrewa Hawksley, Henry Segerman, Emily Eifler and Marc ten Bosch got a big reaction from the crowd last night:

Using Hypernom to get kids talking about math

As a follow up to Henry’s talk last night we played with shadows of a cube and a tetrahedron this morning. First up was the tetrahedron – it is really fun to hear what the kids have to say about the shadows.

Also, here’s the “hypercube B” shape that my older son mentions:

Hypercube B on Shapeways

After talking about the tetrahedron shadows we moved on to the cube. Again, it is really fun to hear what the kids have to say about these shapes. Several of the questions I asked about the cube shadows came from Henry’s talk:

Finally, we looked at one of Henry’s prints. We’ve studied this print before (and my younger son even brought it to the talk to show Henry!). I wanted to use this shape to explore the question:

“If two lines come together in the shape, do they have tocome together in the shadow?”

So, a fun talk last night and a fun project this morning. I want to live in a world where all kids have the opportunity see Henry’s work!

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