Returning to Patty Paper Geometry

I had a busy week at work last week and didn’t plan ahead for today’s Family Math. Luckily we’ve got plenty of math books laying around and the boys grabbed Patty Paper Geometry off the shelf. My younger son thought that the project exploring the interior angles of polygons would be fun, so we jumped in:

The thing I love about this geometry book is that you really can just jump right in. The methods of folding and tracing in the book really are an incredible way to introduce kids to geometry.

With the introduction out of the way, here’s how the book shows kids that angles in a triangle add up to a straight line angle:

The last topic we did today was an exploration of the angles in a quadrilateral. The approach was the same as for the angles in a triangle and gives an easy demonstration that the angles add up to 360 degrees:

The projects in this book are great – can’t recommend it enough!