Playing with more of Henry Segerman’s 3d prints

A few weeks ago we did our first project using Henry Segerman’s new book. Here’s that project:

Exploring some shapes in Henry Segerman’s new book

and here’s that new book:

For that project we actually ordered the shapes from Shapeways, but last night I learned that Henry had put a few of the prints from the book on Thingiverse!!    I think many of the prints will be too complicated for our home printer, but glancing through the there were two that I thought we could do – the pseudosphere and the neat Hilbert curve creation.

Here are my older son’s reactions to and thoughts about the shapes:



Here are my younger son’s reactions and thoughts about the two shapes:


I’m so glad that Henry wrote this book – it is incredible to be able to hold these shapes in your hand and share them with kids.

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