Revisiting the Gosper curve part 1

I got a really nice series of comments about the Gosper curve from Jacob Rus. In particular, he shared this link with me:

The Gosper curve on

After looking at the site, I decided to look at the Gosper curve using our Zometool set. Unfortunately my older son was away today, so it was just me and my younger son.

First we looked at the Fractal Curves site:

First we built the level 1 Gosper curve. Here’s what my son had to say:

Next we moved up to level 2. Building the level 2 curve was quite a challenge for my son and we had to return to look at the picture on the computer screen several times. Here’s the 3-part discussion we had about the build:

Now here is the last part where we get to the finish line on the level 2 Gosper curve. I was definitely surprised at how difficult this build was for my son, but there really is a lot going on. Building levels of the Gosper curve is a neat way to learn about fractals: