An introductory dice statistics project for kids

A few weeks ago my younger son was looking for something to print and we stumbled on this dice tower on Thingiverse:

wtwerner’s Spiral Dice tower on Thingiverse


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 8.09.50 AM.png

Today I used the tower for a fun little statistics project with the boys – does the tower produce random rolls?

The first part of the project was a discussion of how we should conduct the experiment.

After this discussion I sent them off roll the dice 60 times:

Here’s the discussion of their results and some ideas for further experiments:

It would be nice to do a project like this with more kids so that you could compare lots of results, but even with just the two boys this morning, it was pretty fun. I really enjoyed hearing them talk about the numbers. They were especially excited by the fact that no 2’s showed up until the 26th roll.


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