Summer geometry

Saw this tweet yesterday:

It got me thinking about doing a summer geometry program. Since I couldn’t get it out of my mind, here’s my idea:

Duration: 10 weeks
Time: I’m thinking it would require about 3 hours of work per week.

Book: Art of Problem Solving’s Introduction to Geometry

Art of Problem Solving’s Introduction to Geometry book

The idea:

We’d form something like a private FB group and the goal would be to have about 10 people. Each week everyone would choose one problem from the challenge problem section at the end of each chapter and present a solution.

The book has 19 chapters, so everyone would be presenting roughly 2 problems per week.

The solution could be written up, presented with photographs, video, whatever, and everyone would have the chance to comment, critique, learn from other people’s solutions.

Here’s a random example of one of their problem from the excerpt they published here:

An excerpt from Art of Problem Solving’s Introduction to Geometry book


Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 7.58.31 PM.png

Seems like this would be a fun and relaxed way to (i) review geometry over the summer, and (ii) work on some challenging problems together.

I’m happy to do a little bit of work to get this going if people are interested.

Looks like this is happening – the FB page is here:

The Summer Geometry FB page

One thought on “Summer geometry

  1. I (predictably?) mis-read a line above(Book: Art of Problem Solving’s Introduction to Geometry) as Book Art: Problems of Solving Book Geometries , which is what I seem to be working on right now on my blog. There’s this issue of creating square expandable origami elements of the size that I want. The key is to start out with the correct size piece of paper, which, as I discovered, has everything to do with the square root of 2. This was such a cool mystery solve.
    Summer geometry has just the right ring to it. Hope this works out. Yes I’m interested.

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