John Golden’s “Stained Glass”

Saw these two tweets from John Golden last week:


He made these shapes after seeing this project from last weekend:

An infinite descent problem with pentagons

The boys were hiking again this weekend and I was looking for a fairly light project for them to work on when they got back. Trying to build the 2nd shape above out of our Zometool set seemed like it would fit the bill.

The shape probably took 15 minutes to build. Here’s what the boys had to say about it – it was a fun shape to talk about:

3 thoughts on “John Golden’s “Stained Glass”

  1. Love it! Also love the question ‘what next?’. I’d be torn between your boys’ two ideas, too; continuing at this scale or dilating up and down.

    1. was also wondering with the Zome if it folds up to be anything interesting. Like say where the outer star points would meet for a dodecahedron.

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