Revisiting Equilibrio

Over the summer we did a project on a game called Equilibrio by Fox Mind Games:

A review of Equilibrio by Fox Mind Games

I originally learned about this game from this Tracy Johnston Zager tweet:

Since doing that original project we’ve lent the game to several family’s. It just returned to us yesterday so I decided to have the boys take a fresh look at the game this morning for today’s math project. The boys have a few different things going on today, though, so it made sense to have them work one at a time.

My younger son went first – here’s his thoughts on the game and the first puzzle he was planning to build:


Here are his thoughts after finishing that puzzle.


He wanted to build one more shape and picked a pretty challenging one:


Next up was my older son. Here are his thoughts about the game:


and here’s what he had to say after completing of the first shape:


Finally, he also chose a more challenging shape. The funny thing is that almost all of the shapes look pretty much impossible on paper, but the kids figure them out eventually (though we’ve not completed the book).


I really like this game and think it is an absolutely wonderful activity for kids. There are lots of great lessons about problem solving and perserverance the game. Can’t recommend Equilibrio enough.