A quick Zome project

The boys were running out the door early today to go skiing and we were looking for a short project this morning. I told them to go grab “Zome Geometry” and find something that they’d like to build.



Turned out to be a nice little activity for them since they are getting to the point where they can complete most of the project on their own.

They ended up choosing the section on Archimedean Solids and built two – here are their thoughts:

(1) The Truncated Octahedron:

(2) The Icosidodecahedron

So, a fun project, and, as usual with Zome constructions, it is neat to hear kids talk about 3D geometry. It was also neat (though an accident) to see the kids build the truncated octahedron incorrectly the first time and then figure out the right way to build it.

I wish I could have seen more 3D geometry when I was a kid – it is so neat 🙂