Some 3D geometry for Pamela Rawson

I got a nice comment on a blog post form Pamela Rawson and I ended up reading her neat post talking about her new 3D geometry class:

The point of the Week 3 MTBoS Blogging initiative isn’t the course specifics, I know, but still the idea of a 12 week course focusing on 3D geometry captured my imagination.ย  I never studied 3d geometry in any formal way, but exploring that subject with my kids has been incredibly fun.

For example:


and more recently this tweet from Simon Gregg (and the animated gif inside of his blog post) inspired a super fun project:


My work prepping to explore folding a dodecahedron into a cube with the boys is here:

A neat post from Simon Gregg

and the project with them is here:

Can you believe that a dodecahedron folds into a cube!

Moving away from our Zometool-related projects, we’ve done a few fun 3d geometry projects using just snap cubes. For example, this tweet from Five Triangles made for a neat project:

A neat counting problem shared by Five Triangles

This project explored the connection between the sum of squares – 1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2 + . . . and geometry:

Summing up Squares

and it was realted to another 3D geometry project inspired by a tweet from James Key:

A neat geometry project inspired by a James Tanton / James Key tweet

I could go on and on and on and on, but I’ll just stop at one more fun one – the volume of a sphere:

The Volume of a Sphere via Archimedes

All of our 3D geometry projects have the “3D Geometry” tag on the blog, that list of projects is here:

Our 3D Geometry projects

It is such a fun subject!!