Henry Segerman, John Edmark, and . . . biology??

We’ve done lots of 3d printing projects including a few inspired by Henry Segerman’s work:

Henry Segerman’s Flat Torus


as well as the work of John Edmark (which we saw via a Math Munch post):

If you like great math for kids, check out Math Munch


As I was walking through the lobby of the Koch Cancer Research center at MIT this morning I noticed this picture hanging on the wall as part of a public art exhibit:


with this caption (sorry for the glare, my camera skills were not able to avoid it)


Despite having nothing whatsoever to do with math or 3d printing, the picture reminded me of Segerman’s and Edmark’s work. Maybe it is just a coincidence, but I wonder if there’s any structure in that picture that math could help uncover.

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