A review of “On the Dot” by Gamewright

Doing some prep work for Family Math night at my younger son’s school, I ran across a really neat game that had been used in prior years – On the Dot by Gamewright:

Sadly the game has been “retired” so I don’t think you can by it on Gamewright’s website, but I did see some for sale on Amazon.

Game play seems simple enough – you try to recreate a specific pattern of dots using 4 cards that you hold in your hand. Here’s my 4th grade son trying out a few examples:




After those examples, I asked him what he thought of the game and what math ideas he thought were part of the game:


I really like this game – it is easy to learn how to play and gets kids thinking about all sorts of math-related ideas from problem solving, to symmetry, to counting. It was also kind of fun to follow my son’s idea that the cards are not commutative.

So, a great game for kids. Sorry to hear that it has been retired, but get it on Amazon while you still can!

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